ISDN, PSTN, ADSL, TCPIP, SMTP, HDLC, VOIP, RISC... or is it RISK? We explain technology in understandable words, not geek jargon. We design, install and maintain computer and voice networks that meet your business needs and your budget!

  • Advise clients regarding carrier, voice, and data technology needs, serving as technology consultants to plan and implement solutions that meet client's objectives.
  • Recommend integrated data solutions to comliment digital and IP based PBX systems
  • Coordinate and consult with technicians, outside contractors and carrier technicians in executing complex order management.
  • Assess and inventory client's existing software and hardware in preparation for modification and re-deployment in revised solutions.
  • Assist clients in determining future technology needs and budgeting for those needs.
  • We offer remote installations, network upgrades, new network designs and off-hours service for all Intel-based networks.
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